shaping bread


Elmore Mountain Bread is a wood-fired micro-bakery, located in Elmore, Vermont. Our breads are carefully hand-crafted, hearth-baked in our wood-fired brick oven and feed our local community.
Good bread starts with wholesome, natural ingredients. Our breads are deceptively simple in ingredients and complex in process. Only four basic ingredients (flour, pure water, sea salt and yeast) are used. We use natural sourdough or small amounts of yeast in our breads, and maintain the tradition of using long fermentation to improve overall flavor and quality. Each loaf is handmade and attended to from start to finish, a 16-hour process.


We are committed to baking in a wood-fired brick oven, which is as much a lifestyle as an occupation. It is heated entirely from locally harvested, cut, stacked and dried wood. Although it is not the easiest way to bake bread, we believe that a brick oven creates a distinct loaf with a superior crust and aroma. The nature of baking in a brick oven limits the amount of bread we can bake, keeping production small and quality high.


All of our bread is personally delivered within fifty miles of the bakery. We bake bread to feed our local community and value our relationships with our customers. We bake in the early morning and deliver that same afternoon to give you the freshest bread possible!